Making a mess of my schedule today turned this morning into a complete blessing in disguise. Not only did I get on the wrong DLR train #fail but I backtracked and did the EXACT same thing again #fail – because two trains to different destinations arrived at the same platform.

And because this is what we humans do in life.

I then realised that I’d put the wrong dates in my diary and instead of being late, I was actually 1 WHOLE DAY EARLY for a workshop *facepalm* #fail

The lessons in this scenario were easy:

  1. Be more present / In the moment
  2. Where else do we repeat the same patterns over and over again (before we learn, OR NOT as the case may be)?

After speaking to a friend to check if she was around (she wasn’t) I decided to take her suggestion and spend some time in nature, because apparently I sounded a little ‘off’. So I went to a local park, sat in the sunshine and did absolutely nothing #win. Before being inspired to open up my notebook, grab a pen and just start writing. When I actually sat back to look at what I wrote, the unsettled-ness turned into excitement. Some of what I wrote down for this year alone had not been on my radar at all #win

Getting to spend the day hanging out with myself was also a #win

And of course, being inspired enough to write this when I’d woken up this morning feeling anything BUT inspired #win

Turns out it was much needed reflection time.

Ahead of my 32nd birthday I then started thinking about where I’d be and what I could be doing in 8 years time. Which right now feels like a wide open space #win

But you know what feels even better than that? Knowing that if you died tomorrow you’d leave this planet without a single regret because you gave it everything you had! #win

Where in life are YOU selling out? 

Result: #fail = 3, #win = 5