“Livon was sent to save our TEDx event by some higher power. Less than a week before the event we had a speaker drop out and we had a friend recommend Livon as “The only person that can pull off preparing a TEDx speech at this short notice and travelling to the other part of the UK to deliver it live”. Both me, and my co-organiser were very impressed with Livon’s dedication, integrity, positive mental attitude and amazing content she delivered on Leadership. Now, I am very blessed to have Livon as part of my network. She simply makes things happen!”

Oliwia Poddanaco-organiser of TEDxFulwood

Excerpt from organisers: ‘…we believe that it’s time for change. Understanding the importance of our own roles and how we can contribute is key, that’s why we are building a community of future leaders with this event, and bringing some of the most powerful speakers from across the country to share with us their knowledge, wisdom and expertise.’

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