“Liv was an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker who really connected with her audience and delivered her message effectively - great talk, thanks!”

Callum PadfieldEconomics Student at Cambridge

Dec 2018. Delivering a workshop & talk on Leadership & transforming our relationship to Fear to 150 Year 13 boys (aged 18) outside London today. Talk about the potential to be intimidated!

A totally new environment & audience for me. And in the end, so special.  

When asked what was one thing they took away, a whole range of things!

One boy said: “I’m not going to personalise failure anymore.”

Another bunch of boys waited to speak to me 1:1. Some were of Asian origin & spoke to me about their own experiences growing up, the expectations from parents but mostly on themselves. 

Another told me he struggled with his ‘not good enough’ story & asked me how he could get free of it. He wants to be a Human Rights Lawyer. 

Another asked me what my thoughts were of him going into Finance! Got him connected to his WHY & sent him away to get clear on how that could connect with the difference he wants to make. 

And during one of the exercises some of the issues they were concerned about included:

  • Racism
  • Islamaphobia
  • Terrorism
  • Conservation

It was real. And an absolute privilege.