“I came to Livons class with no expectations, simply to try something new. The start of the class was great to get a clear mind through exercise, which followed with such an inspiring discussion with the rest of the group. This class helped me massively in pinpointing what my stressors were. I highly recommend!”

Emily Redferncurrently volunteering with animals in Australia

A pilot workshop to develop Physical, Mental & Emotional Resilience.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Busy professionals and entrepreneurs with an average level of fitness, who are in transition and/or dealing with a lot of change, or thinking about making changes in ANY or ALL areas of life this year.


The first section (approx. 30min) will be spent getting our heart rates up with a focus on Mobility, Flexibility, Core and bodyweight training. Opening up body and mind.

Part 2: MASTERMIND & Group Coaching

This section will start with a talk, followed by some group discussion, sharing ideas and bringing specific challenges that you’d like support in a safe, non-judgemental & confidential space.