Pick ONE thing. Do it consistently!

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I haven’t eaten crisps from the work cupboard since 16th February 2016. To put this into context I used to go there at least once a day for a pack – ideally Salt & Vinegar. Sometimes this went up to two packs a day. Just because they were there.

Crisps aren’t part of my grocery shop so cannot be found around the house. When junk food is freely available at work then this can become a problem. Especially around the time of that afternoon slump. Some of you will be able to relate.

I don’t have many unhealthy vices – I’ve never liked fizzy drinks, don’t like sweets and chocolate isn’t a big deal. I’m not religious either, but decided to attempt to give up one thing ‘for Lent’. Just to see if I could. Much like my Advent Running challenge… I then went away for Easter and when I got back, never picked the habit back up. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very tempting – those Salt & Vinegar McCoy’s and Hula Hoops called out to me every time I went in for Ryvita crackers, but I’d kept it up for weeks by that point so it seemed a shame to restart.

Now I hardly ever think about crisps or spare them a second glance. The funniest thing is, when people make comments on how I’m looking ‘leaner’ this is literally the only thing that I can attribute it to, because its the only change I’ve made this year with regards my diet. I train just as hard as before, maybe even less due to various work commitments. And yes, I did recently wean myself off sugar in my coffee  (tips to follow in a separate post), but I don’t drink enough. It’s the lack of CRISPS that have made the biggest impact on me both physically and on how I feel.

So pick one thing. Do it consistently. When you feel like you’ve nailed it (i.e. its not a conscious effort or struggle to not do that thing) THEN, and only then, move onto the next thing.

Disclaimer: I do still eat crisps but only on the odd occasion now.

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