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By 27 August 2020 No Comments

I’ve been made redundant twice with struggling companies or takeovers in the past.

And I can honestly say that they were the BEST things that ever happened to me. Even though at the time they felt crap, mainly to my ego.

In the first case I was already looking for another job so basically got paid to leave a toxic environment with a new team I really didn’t enjoy working with. Even so, it took 6 months to land the perfect next role, at which point multiple good offers landed at the same time.

In the second, it was a part-time safety net preventing me from going all-in with other things I was doing at the time. Along with a big break-up (& what felt like the loss of a future) in the same month, both allowed me the freedom to head to Africa for 6 months to start building a life there. Something I’d talked about for over 10 years but never took action on.

Both times I had incredible people around me who didn’t sympathise or feel bad or guilty for doing well themselves, but celebrated(!) because they saw it as the push I needed. It’s why I’ve toasted friends who’ve lost their jobs recently…because I’m SO excited to see them go for the things they really want now 🥂

I honestly believe that sometimes we’re forced into situations that are in our highest good that we haven’t had the courage to do by ourselves or are procrastinating over.

Time and time again, we’ve seen challenging times be the making of people. It also builds resilience that can’t be gained any other way.

The times I had nothing I got to see:
1) How resourceful I could be,
2) My faith in humanity restored

It’s also been amazing to watch other friends explode their businesses in the last 4+ months and make quantum leaps. Some who didn’t think they’d make it.

So while some are fear-mongering and acting from a place of scarcity, I also see others thriving. Spending despite uncertainty. Supporting struggling businesses. Supporting their communities.

The lesson?
Mindset is everything.
The people you surround yourself with is everything.
LIFE is uncertainty.
And when we embrace that.
Things start to get really interesting.