New(Year)s Flash

By 10 January 2016 No Comments

So how are those New Year’s resolutions working out for you so far?

I made just 1 instead of my usual 15 this year (guaranteed failure right?). Mainly because the older I get the more I realize that life doesn’t go to plan. In fact, better things happened last year. New opportunities came up – as they do when you open your eyes to them, and I was inspired enough to divert from ‘the plan’.

For those of you who made lists, have a look at them again. How many of those things do you really want? And how many are just things that you think you should want? It could be because of your life stage, because all your friends are doing them, because you’re coming under pressure from family or a significant other. The reasons are endless.

Here’s a newsflash. By the end of the year the only things on those list you will have done are those that you actually wanted to do badly enough. It’s like trying to convince someone to quit smoking or start working out. They may be able to sustain it for a few weeks but it won’t last. It’s why diets don’t work.

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