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What is Coaching & Mentoring?

Sustainable Performance programme

3 month focus on Mindset, Habits and Performance
Limited availability

For those who are done with being on the hamster wheel of busyness, sometimes with not much to show for it. Or not feeling 100% satisfied because you’ve made sacrifices to your mental and physical health as well as your relationships in order to ‘get there’. Wherever there is.

This is for you if you want to: 

Feel more energised;
Feel more purposeful;
Build resilience to whatever life throws your way;
Maximise focus and productivity;
Gain time back in the long-run;
Trust yourself;
Take more aligned action;
Set firm, but kind boundaries;
Have more fun;
Be kept accountable!


will be invested into young people who are unable to make the full investment below (means-tested)

will benefit children looked after by two local community projects
in the Eastern Cape, South Africa



1 x Next Steps

No time limit, can go up to 3 hours

You’ll walk away with Clarity, Direction and a Plan for your next steps in life, studies, training or work.



3 x Next Step
sessions package

No time limit, plan for 1-2 hours PER SESSION

A steadier pace, where you’ll still walk away with Clarity, Direction and a Plan for your next steps but this option will also give you the additional accountability for taking action after each session.



For a 3-hour Group option, please have a look at our PATHFINDERS Workshops.

For additional practical support/in addition, check out the  1 month INTENSIVE with Liv & Josh.

Liv is a natural coach and approached her work with her clients in a very authentic and explorative way. Within our 6 sessions, she helped me identify, process and work through some fundamental challenges and issues. The actions I took off the back of our sessions has made significant, positive change to my personal and work life. In our time working together, Liv coached me to some game-changing actions and I can continue to forge ahead with variants of them each week. She was a pleasure to work with.

Ian LindsayChief Financial Officer

This has opened up so many doors for me! My career, life goals and most importantly, recognising my gifts and talents!

KK DJ, Make Up Artist & Creator of the High Thai pop-up

I had the privilege of having Liv as my coach for 7 months and having had several different coaches over the years I can safely say that Liv was by far the most relentless in having me achieve my various goals during that timeframe.

I wanted to give up many times and was resigned about my goals and she was having none of it and showed me that I always have an extra gear and can do it!

I will be forever grateful to Liv for what I achieved. If you want someone that will not accept your excuses and be straight talking with you, then Liv is the coach for you.

Tom SzychowskiFounder & Director at Landlord Lettings Ltd

My coaching with Liv was such an enlightening experience. I love her approach with creating personalised sessions. Weekly coaching is the key! I felt encouraged from our first session together and comfortable throughout. Liv directed me to find my own space to explore what’s important to me right now and for my future. With her professional attitude and real genuine sense to help others find their own happiness you feel like you can trust her. She is brilliant. I can’t recommend her highly enough to those who are ready to take action and just need a little encouragement and help with direction and clarity.
In each session, I became clearer with my vision on what I wanted to concentrate on next, which route to take and who I want to help in my life onwards. I secured my training course for the next year and am organising my first Health retreat for the next year too. With Liv’s support I realised nothing should be left until tomorrow if it can be done today.

Julia KrajnakovaYoga Teacher (previously Make Up Artist)

Working with Livon has been an incredible experience to have a deeper understanding of what one can take from the process of coaching both as a coachee and as a coach.
She has given me a lot of value, insights and the space to find the right answers for myself. And all this has increased the quality of my life from within which has been manifested in the outer world. She has challenged me for the purpose to have breakthroughs about some limited belief systems, perceptions, ideas that were holding me back. Working with Livon has been very useful to explore and to gain more clarity about certain aspects of myself.
Livon’s energy is very welcoming which made me feel that I was in a safe place to open up, a place to be vulnerable which led the coaching process to be more effective in my opinion. I would definitely recommend working with Livon.

David MedinaExistential Coach (previously Nursery Teacher)

Liv creates and holds a safe space to explore different issues. She is incredibly perceptive, and her use of questions helps to bring out solutions from deep within me. Her gentle manner prompted me into seeing the next action steps I needed to take. If you are seeking clarity and support, I highly recommend Liv.

Tulasi S. attendee at Inspiring Women event

It’s been a privilege having Livon as my coach during this last year. She always sees the invisible! Her professional coaching always gives me the support, clarity and insights to get me into action when I feel off my path and life feels challenging.

Sharon HeidaripourFootball Yoga Specialist