For anyone who hasn’t watched this yet on Netflix. It’s a must!


Insanity. I had no idea about some of these stats, how the whole Justice system is rigged, the amount of money companies make out of the US prison system and the labour that’s used for many of these brands (which as a consumer is making me look at who/what I’m supporting). Its basically modern day slavery!

The biggest shock for me is that I had no idea you didn’t get all your rights back when you’ve done your time. Including the vote. WTF. The land of the free is such a joke. 97% of people currently incarcerated (2016/17) have never had a trial?!


For anyone inside & outside the country trying to understand the focus on black lives, the history covered in this documentary helps to explain some of it!


It’s also sick to watch up to today how FEAR is not only created, but how politicians play on this fear to make it into office (& that doesn’t just apply to the US but everywhere).


Watch the full feature here: