Livon Yeow is the founder of LivLife BIGGER®, a platform and community that exists to help raise the collective consciousness, with a mission to lead, empower, inspire and connect individuals, businesses and organisations who want to leave the world a better place.

6hr-long Skeleton Gorge hike up and across Table Mountain, South Africa 2019

She calls both the UK and South Africa home, (despite being a born and bred Londoner) and to date, has delivered talks and facilitated workshops on the topics of Fear, Freedom, Resilience and achieving greater alignment in work and life – the latest being to 150 teenagers at a UK school and for a creative agency in Cape Town, South Africa. In May 2019, she delivered her first UK TEDx Talk on ‘How to run yourSELF like a business’.

As a qualified Transformational Coach with extensive Leadership training Liv has helped individuals, from teachers to students through to Tech professionals and CFOs, gain the necessary clarity, insights, support and accountability to transform both their personal and professional lives.

Following a Gap Year that involved solo backpacking around Central America and Cuba in 2004 Liv has also had a successful career as a Research professional following a degree in International Marketing, working with brands such as the BBC, Unilever, StreetGames and Virgin Media – designing and managing projects and delivering strategic insights to global teams. Today, she also sources funding for, consults on and creates teams to work on sustainable development projects across sub-Saharan Africa.

Liv is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and as of September 2019 a FGASA Level 1 Field, Nature and Safari Guide, going back to Botswana in early 2021 to do her Apprentice Trails training.

Speaking at TEDxFulwood, UK 2019

“Livon's passion and dedication is second to none, she is out there supporting and impacting people on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to watch her do it and see how dedicated she is to her clients and her purpose. If you are thinking about it, reach out. It will be worth every moment you spend with her.”

Elliot KayMD of Speaker Express, Business Mentor & Coach

First (and probably last) white-water rafting experience on the Zambezi, Zambia 2019

She believes that being out in the world is the best classroom and that there is no better learning experience than being exposed to other environments, people and ways of life . To date she has travelled to 39 countries and counting. Writing and photography are mediums in which she attempts to bring some of these experiences and learning to life.

Liv is also hugely passionate about wildlife and one of her personal missions is to bring more diversity to the still predominantly white, middle-class issue of conservation, wildlife and wildlife/population conflict. So that it’s not about putting animals before people, it’s about how we can all better understand and live in harmony with one another, and in a way that also benefits local communities and future generations.

She says: ‘There’s something so beautiful about encountering wild elephants who’ve never had a negative experience with humans. It’s a relationship based on mutual respect. When both sides stop being afraid of each other, that’s when the magic happens. If we’re going to solve many problems in the world today it really is going to take all of us working together.’

Safari Guide Training, South Africa 2019